App developers head for success on Windows 8.1

A leading European web developer, Martin Bennedik, based in Frankfurt, Germany, has built a handful of applications for Windows Store. What prompted him to start working for Microsoft's digital distribution platform for apps was the positive reception the latest Windows 8.1 operating system received. Although Bennedik's apps, according to InfoWorld, are not really attracting too much attention from his clients so far, he remains optimistic because "Microsoft is making the application development process better for Windows Store."

Benedict is just one of many developers foreseeing a great future for Windows 8.1. The OS was introduced on June 27 in front of at least 5,000 developers during the Build conference in San Francisco and received praise from the tech world's top brasses. At the same event, Microsoft also released a Windows 8.1 Preview for different languages such as French, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Swedish, a sign that Microsoft still has the lead over other competitors like the Mac OS and the Linux.

Windows 8.1, which is expected to be released by the end of 2013, is an improved version of the Windows 8. It was optimized to provide much better user experience and with improved applications. It is developed as a response to what users are complaining about with the Windows 8. Among the notable features that Windows 8.1 parades are the revamped Start Button that other Windows OS are known for, more-flexible Snap function, the Smart Search that pools everything into a single cohesive search results page, Dual Browser snap view that allows multitasking, and overhauled built-in apps like Mail, Xbox Music, apps for food and fitness and 'modern' version of Office.

If there's one app store department that developers should want to focus on right now, it is gaming. Games are what most desktops of today are lacking. Microsoft tried to resolve this by introducing free-to-play poker gamers for future Windows 8 devices. This is a great move for the American software company since because poker is one of the top casino games both at land-based gaming houses and mobile devices. Future Windows 8 and 8.1 devices will look attractive to consumers because of F2P quality poker games that will run on World Series of Poker: Full House Pro platforms. Expect this F2P poker game to feature great gaming experience since WSOP is an international poker event that is sponsored by Party Deutsch operator Bwin. It doesn't necessarily mean that developers should also create casino-related games. What they need to do is develop something that is as compelling as casino and poker, something that will make the Windows OS, the people's top choice. Developers like Bennedik can have a great future with Windows, but they can only assure success if their products are gearing towards what Microsoft is aiming for.

For more on Windows 8.1, visit the official website where you can also download the latest updates for your OS.

04 July 2013

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