New MSN homepage revealed!

A major update to was revealed today, with the soft-launch of the brand new MSN homepage was launched today.

"Today is an exciting day for our team at MSN because we unveiled the most significant redesign our homepage has seen in over a decade."

- MSN team blog

It's an exciting day! The new MSN looks good for a start, and it's definitely more useful than ever before. Among other things, the new functionality includes improved integration online social media, harnessing the power of Facebook and Twitter right there at your fingertips.

See for yourself here:-

Web fundamentals like Live Mail/Hotmail and Bing are readily accessible in the new navigation layout. The new design is very clear, very clean -- and very "web 2.0" as some trendy folk like to say. And MSN has truly entered the world of next-gen RIA -- I clicked on the image for the main story, which had a "play" icon on it, and was delighted to see a Silverlight application loading-up within my browser. At last! The MSN Video player, powered by Silverlight.

This is a flagship web portal, which has been faithfully servicing the requirements of users for many years now. I first became a regular user of MSN when I joined the "Microsoft Network" to get a free CD to install IE5 which at the time was a revolutionary web browser. It's changed a lot since then...

03 November 2009

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I love the new MSN homepage design, it's soo simple and unique!

Tim Acheson (18 Dec 09, 13:28)

I agree; I love it.


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